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Japan historians add insult to the wounds of comfort women

Limiting screen time to one or two hours a day, as the university's professor of psychology Jean Twenge said, would statistically fall into the safe zone for device usage.

EU could learn some economic growth lessons from China

The Bonn talks can be seen as a "success" if we consider it a critical step toward completing the "rule-book" for the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Foreign media outlets in US merit bouquets, not brickbats

The recent move in the United States against foreign media organizations that receive government funding has raised serious concerns about press freedom and political bias against certain countries.

Weigh pros and cons before randomly using AI technology

We may not see similar protests today, but history should serve as a warning against the indiscriminate development and application of AI technology.

Trump will find there is no quick fix to end war in Afghanistan

In a rare prime time national address outlining his Afghanistan strategy on Monday night, US President Donald Trump ruled out a quick withdrawal of US troops, saying that a rapid exit of the US troops would have unacceptable consequences and “create a vacuum” that the Islamic State and al-Qaida would fill.

TCM therapy offers much food for thought

An official's governance capability will greatly improve if he or she approaches the problems in the same way a TCM practitioner diagnoses a physical ailment.

Have the wheels come off the bike-sharing industry?

It is always painful to see something useful being turned into rubbish, and that may be the tragic fate shared bikes are embracing.

All hopes rest on Katowice to deliver on climate pledge

Climate organizations, NGOs and environmentalists have already been criticizing the slow progress made by the rich countries.

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